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New Pepsi Might Put You to Sleep

PepsiCo's new product won't put any pep in your step.

Many consumers associate PepsiCo brand soft drinks as beverages providing a caffeinated boost.

But more recently, beverage companies have been expanding into other areas, including drinks with unique ingredients, flavors and functions.

PepsiCo is now breaking into a new segment with an “enhanced water” designed to help consumers relax.

The product, called Driftwell, is made with an amino acid called L-theanine, which is derived from tea leaves and is said to promote calmness.

It is also touted as a sleep aid. The sleep aid industry, according to CNN, nets a billion dollars annually.

Not to mention consumers worldwide are reporting increased levels of anxiety and stress.

A Pepsi representative told CNN Business the company sees “a massive need in this functional space."

7.5 ounce mini cans of Driftwell are set to hit the market later this year.

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