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Budget Agreement Adds Funds for Defense, Infrastructure

Included in the new budget agreement is an increase in spending for defense programs of $165 billion.

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(AP) Key aspects of the proposed budget agreement that covers the current fiscal year and the next.

  • Eliminates automatic spending cuts, known as sequestration, for defense and non-defense programs, and provides for spending increases for priorities in both categories.
  • Increases spending for non-defense programs by $131 billion over the current and coming fiscal year.
  • Increases spending for defense programs by $165 billion over two years.
  • Suspends the government's cap on borrowing, or debt limit, through March 2019, eliminating the looming threat of a market-rattling default on U.S. obligations.
  • Includes an additional $6 billion for fighting opioid addiction and boosting mental health services, $4 billion to improve health care for veterans, $20 billion for infrastructure improvements and $2 billion to support additional research at the National Institutes of Health.
  • Extends dozens of expired tax breaks for economic development, energy production, and other odds and ends. 
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