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Dishwashers Turned Fire Hazards

The manufacturer of Bosch and other dishwasher brands has expanded their recall due to the units catching fire during use.

About a year ago Samsung, in the midst of recalling a million of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, was also experiencing issues with exploding washing machines.

In addition to hardware, metal pieces and water being flung at potentially hazardous speeds, reports detailed the machines taking part in poltergeist-like activities that included throwing itself against walls, lunging up to two feet forward, ripping out electrical outlets and lids being completely blown off of hinges. 

Lawsuits and recalls followed, but it appears these tales of appliances gone bad are not over. 

Earlier this week, BSH Home Appliances, the manufacturer of Bosch and other brands of dishwashers expanded their recall due to additional reports of the units catching fire during use. The culprits, according to the company, are faulty power cords. 

In 2015, the company recalled 194,000 units across the Bosch, Thermador, Gaggenau, and Jenn-Air brands. However, it appears that initial recall wasn’t enough.

BSH has continued to hear from customers experiencing property damage from washing machines catching fire. This has increased the number of recalled machines to over 660,000 across the U.S. and Canada.

Impacted customers are encouraged to contact BSH via their website, a recall hotline (888) 965-5813 or the websites of the affected brands. They should know their model and serial numbers before calling, which should be located inside the dishwasher on either the top or side of the inner door panel.

Any connection to these events taking place so close to the release of the second season of Netflix’s Stranger Things, is being described as merely coincidence.

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