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Boat Maker Faces Fines for Fire, Explosion & Shock Hazards

OSHA rep says, company 'must take immediate action to protect workers at this facility from serious injury or death.'

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Amory, Mississippi-based boat manufacturer Nautic Star has been fined more than $66,000 by OSHA for 23 safety and health violations.

Nautic Star, one of the top producers of bay, deck and offshore center console boats from 18 to 28 feet, received the citations yesterday and has 15 business days to comply. 

OSHA issued 15 serious violations for: 

  • Failing to provide energy-control training to protect workers from machine start ups during repairs or maintenance.
  • Not providing hazard communication training.
  • Failing to cover 55-gallon barrels that contain flammable liquids.
  • Several electrical deficiencies, such as receptacles not having cover plates, extension cords without a ground prong and electrical equipment not approved areas containing flammable or combustible vapors.
  • Failing to ensure paint booths and spray areas were not covered with combustible paper.

Nautic Star also received eight other-than-serious safety and health violations for not labeling buckets that contain paint residue, and modifying hand trucks without manufacturer's permission. 

"Employers should not wait for an OSHA inspection to identify fire, explosion and electric shock hazards as well as those associated with flammable and combustible chemicals in the workplace," said Eugene Stewart, OSHA's area director in the Jackson Office in a press release. "Nautic Star must take immediate action to protect workers at this facility from serious injury or death."

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