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Musk Takes the Low Ground

Video shows the Boring Company’s work under L.A. as "almost done." Insert Tesla joke here.

Just to recap, Elon Musk – maybe you’ve heard of him – was apparently bored with simply trying to reshape the electric vehicle market place and revolutionize commercial space travel, so he started the Boring Company in 2016. 

The goal of this company is to help the driving or riding public avoid the “soul-destroying traffic” often associated with urban roadways by building underground tunnels. The debut tunnels are apparently going to be under Los Angeles, as last week Musk posted video of the Boring Company’s work, which he said would be available or use at no cost in a few months. 

The footage shows the interior of a two-mile stretch that is apparently “almost done”. Insert Tesla joke here. The route is still subject to regulatory approvals.

Musk’s full-scale plan for LA shows a Hyperloop – the advanced maglev transit vehicle and system being developed by Virgin Hyperloop One – connecting much of downtown Los Angeles, LAX and areas to the north and south of the city. Some stretches could be as long as 40 miles. 

Musk has also announced that tunnels are currently in development linking NYC and Washington, DC. He’s hoping to begin a route between Los Angeles and San Francisco next year.

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