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Musk Company Wants to Build Underground Transit System in Miami

The tunnel would run 6.2 miles.

In an exciting development, The Boring Company wants to make a 6.2-mile underground transit system in Miami. Business Insider reports the Elon Musk-founded infrastructure and tunnel construction services company submitted a proposal for the project.

Its purpose would be to transport Tesla vehicles between stations on State Road 826. The proposal also states the transit system would run between the Golden Glades Transit Center and Sunny Isles Beach at Newport Pier.

The Boring Company projects the system’s cost would range between $185 million to $220 million and take fewer than three years to build with an accelerated permitting process. Initially, the loop would be able to handle 7,500 passengers per hour with the potential to be scaled up to 15,000 per hour.

The idea has earned the support of North Miami Beach commissioner Michael Joseph, who said the project would ease the traffic congestion and help commuters and visitors navigate their way from the city center to the beach.

This goes along with a Musk Tweet from November 2021 that said, “It’s either traffic forever or tunnels.”

However, just last month, The Boring Company’s 1.7-mile Las Vegas Convention Center Loop suffered a significant traffic jam and created many skeptics in the process. The congestion occurred during the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and a video shows cars backed up in the tunnel that rests 40 feet deep. 

According to The Boring Company’s website, The Loop utilized 70 vehicles to shuttle CES attendees with an average ride time of fewer than two minutes. But at the time of the traffic jam, according to one of the drivers, there were 90 cars in the tunnel.

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