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Delphi Buys NuTonomy for $450m

The self-driving software startup will help Delphi speed the development of autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous Taxis 3g

DETROIT (AP) — Auto supplier Delphi Automotive has acquired self-driving software startup nuTonomy Inc. for $450 million to speed the development of autonomous vehicles.

Boston-based NuTonomy was founded in 2013. It has been testing autonomous taxis in Singapore and Boston since last fall.

Delphi Chief Technology Officer Glen DeVos says Delphi wants its autonomous system to be used on commercial vehicles in limited areas by 2019. DeVos says nuTonomy brings advanced software and fleet management experience to Delphi.

NuTonomy will remain in Boston and will maintain partnerships with French automaker PSA Group and ride-hailing provider Lyft. NuTonomy's 100 employees will work with Delphi's 100-member autonomous vehicle team.

Delphi and nuTonomy currently have 60 autonomous test vehicles on the road. They plan to more than double that to 150 by the end of 2018.

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