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New Line of PosiTest CH Cross Hatch Adhesion Testers

5 kits: 3 in accordance with ISO 2409 and 2 in accordance with ASTM D3359.

Gardco Sized

Paul N. Gardner USA (Columbia, MD) is announcing its new offering of Cross Hatch Adhesion Testers.

The NEW line of PosiTest CH Cross Hatch Adhesion Testers offers 5 different kits to meet your needs. Each Kit comes complete with cross hatch tool, blade, magnifier - 3X (ISO) or 10X (ASTM), adhesive tape โ€” ISO or ASTM, brush, scissors, 3/32" hex key, ISO/ASTM classification reference chart, instruction manual, hard shell case and a two (2) year warranty.

Features include the following:

  • Determines a coating's ability to resist separation from a substrate when a lattice pattern is cut into the coating in accordance with specified standard.
  • Conforms to ISO 2409/16276-2, ASTM D3359, AS 3894.9/1580.408.4, JIS K 5600-5-6.
  • Ideal for coatings up to 250 ยตm (10 mils) depending on blade and Standard.
  • Includes all tools and accessories required for cross hatch testing.
  •  Ergonomic tool handle with non-slip grip and pivoting cutting head.
  • Wide range of easy to replace, high-grade hardened steel 4-in-1 cutting blades.
  • Choice of adhesive tape conforms to ISO 2409 or ASTM D3359.
  • Illuminated Magnifier available with 3x or 10x.
  • Brush included to remove any detached flakes from the coating.
  • Durable hard shell case keeps contents secure.

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