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Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Equipment at International Fuel Ethanol 2016

Equipment on display includes the continuous-duty industrial vacuum, a portable industrial vacuum for fine, dusty powder applications, and the venturi-driven TK-05 for liquid recovery.

The MDL 1020MFS from VAC-U-MAX is a continuous-duty industrial vacuum for high volume recovery.
The MDL 1020MFS from VAC-U-MAX is a continuous-duty industrial vacuum for high volume recovery.

VAC-U-MAX (Belleville, NJ) will exhibit at the 32nd Annual International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo from June 20-23, 2016 at the Wisconsin Convention Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The following equipment will be on display in Milwaukee.

MDL 1020MFS: Continuous-Duty Industrial Vacuum for High Volume Recovery

  • A powerful positive displacement pump designed specifically for high volume recovery (up to 5 tons per hour).
  • Availability in either 10 or 15 HP.
  • A secondary cartridge filter.
  • A vacuum relief valve.
  • A 40-gallon collection container.
  • The ability to be maneuvered by a single operator.
  • Noise levels are below OSHA standard.  

Model 40008: Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Fine Powders & Combustible Dusts

  • An air-powered industrial vacuum featuring a 30-gallon tank.
  • Pulse-jet filter cleaning for Class II, Division II environments
  • Completely grounded and bonded.
  • Meets NFPA 70 requirements.
  • A single venturi suction source.
  • Manual pulse filter cleaning with air reservoir.
  • Noise muffler for sound levels below 80 dbA.   

Model TK-05: High Volume Liquid Recovery

  • Suitable for applications requiring high volume liquid recovery, with wet and dry options available as application dictates.
  • Design that fills 99% of closed top drums at rates of up to 2 gallons per second.
  • A single venturi, producing maximum suction and air-flow with minimum air consumption.
  • A quiet operation, with no motor noise and air exhaust muffled for sound levels within OSHA requirements.
  • Availability in carbon or stainless steel construction.
  • Dry-only models that are HEPA filtered.

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