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Quick Zero Setting Devices for Enhanced Efficiency

These practical devices help reduce downtime and improve quality.

Fixtureworks Sized

Fixtureworks (Fraser, MI) offers Quick Zero setting devices. The easy-to-use and easy-to-install devices are used to locate and clamp workpieces to further ensure stability and precise location. The system consists of a mounting plate, base and holder.

The mounting plate, available with a 230 mm diameter, 25 mm thickness/depth with and mounting holes in M10 and M12, is used to mount the base of the Quick Zero System to a T-slot machine table. It is made from 1045 steel, precision ground, with a black oxide finish.

The base component of the Quick Zero setting device system, with a diameter of 115 mm and clamping force of 6,700 lb. attaches to the plate and provides a mount for the holder component. The base can be simply clamped/unclamped from the holder with a hex wrench and tightening/loosening can be completed with less than 180° turn. The cam shaft comes out of the body when the holder is unclamped so the user can visually check if the holder is unclamped or not.

This square holder, available with a 72 mm in width, and a height of 85 mm including riser, is also part of the setting system. These clamp modules are used to locate and clamp a workpiece in conjunction with the base and plate. This holding clamp secures workpieces by attaching them to holding clamps and custom risers. The holder is secured to the base with a hex wrench., 888-794-8687

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