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Relaunched PYRA Light Series with 360-Degree Color-Changing LED Light

RGB multi color or single color LED light with wide signaling area and maximum visibility.


Pfannenberg, Inc. (Lancaster, NY) announces the re-launch of its industry-leading PYRA LED series – now featuring a new 360-degree color changing LED light. Used wherever warnings and information of machines and equipment, rooms, or areas need to be displayed, the new PYRA series features an RGB LED, with selectable, multiple colors available to provide indication on several situations in one light. Specifically:

  • The updated PYRA LED series can now show three out of four available colors – red, yellow, green and blue.
  • Offered as a single color LED, it can be field-selected to be steady on, blinking or flashing to meet the needs of your facility. 
  • Selectable signaling modes means users can choose the best mode to fit their needs, no matter which signaling mode is required. 
  • With or without an audible alarm, the new series offers high flexibility in controlling different warning levels. Selectable blink and flash frequencies are adaptable to a wide variety of applications, enabling users to select the best frequency for boosting perceptibility.

The updated version is now available in a medium size (PY L-M), featuring a larger cone or pyramid shaped lens providing 360 degree visibility and ideal radiation characteristics that ensures all-round visibility. The medium-sized version offers a greater variety and flexibility of mount locations and options compared to the previously available smaller version that featured a flatter lens. The medium size also offers the ability to incorporate audible signaling into the same PYRA platform (PY L-MA). This enables separate control of visual and audible signaling for enhanced field customization. 

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