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Sabo Automated Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems Reduce Costs

The system can eliminate need to monitor equipment in person.

Sabo Industrial Corp.

Sabo Industrial Corp. (Newburgh, NY) announced its automated wastewater treatment systems that reduce the cost of treatment, labor and disposal.

An automated wastewater treatment system can:

  • Eliminate need to monitor equipment in person 
  • Separate suspended solids, emulsified oil and heavy metals
  • Encapsulate the contaminants
  • Produce an easily de-waterable sludge in minutes
  • Separate water with a de-watering table or bag filter

These systems are available as:

  • Manual batch processors
  • Semi-automatic
  • Automatic
  • Closed loop system for water reuse

Sabo Industrial uses a bentonite clay in a line of wastewater treatment chemicals called ClearTreat. This line of wastewater treatment chemicals is formulated to break oil and water emulsion, provide heavy metals removal and promote flocculation, agglomeration and suspended solids removal.

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