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SCIB 3D Prints House in 46 Hours

The 1,000-sq-ft home is the first to be made with additive manufacturing in Borneo.

The first 3D printed home in Borneo.
The first 3D printed home in Borneo.
COBOD International

In the Northern coastal part of Borneo, which is more urbanized than the rainforest covered center, the large concrete pre-casting company Sarawak Consolidated Industries Berhad (SCIB) recently revealed the first 3D-printed demo house in Sarawak.

The house has a 1,000-sq-ft (90 m2) layout and was printed in just 46 hours using the BOD2 3D construction printer from Danish-based COBOD International.

The total length of the print was more than six miles, extruded layer by layer on top of each other in a total of 145 layers, each 2 cm in height. The SCIB team chose to plaster the outside walls of the house, which is normal practice in the region due to high humidity weather conditions. Also, plastering makes it easy to wash and clean when green algae grow on the walls which occurs due to the climate conditions.

"When we created COBOD, we never envisaged, that we would have a market in a place like Borneo," said Simon Klint Bergh, head of Asia-Pacific for COBOD. "The fact that our technology is now applied there shows, that the market for our technology is endless. When we can sell our printers in Borneo, we can sell them anywhere”.

The new 3D printed house in Borneo is located on the premises of the Malaysian Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), which is the permitting body in Malaysia, at their training arm premises Malaysian Construction Academy (ABM) in Kuching, Sarawak (Malaysia) and was built in collaboration with the agency.

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