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Gen Z in Manufacturing: How to Make Manufacturing Cool for Young People

A 26-year-old that works for a company with 14.7M YouTube subscribers explains how to do it.


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Welcome to another episode of Gen Z in Manufacturing, a podcast where I interview young people about their journeys in manufacturing, how they intend to influence the industry and what they are looking for from an employer.

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For this episode, I welcome Bogdan Malynovskyy, a 26-year-old director of advanced projects and large-scale robotics engineer at Hacksmith Industries.

Hacksmith, an entertainment company with about 14.7 million YouTube subscribers, is dedicated to bringing to life fictional concepts from movies, video games and comics through the creation of functional prototypes. The company’s projects include Captain America’s shield, the Power Loader from Aliens and a lightsaber, with Malynovskyy serving as the lead engineer on the latter project.

In this episode, Malynovskyy discusses:

  • Going from volunteer to director (2:03)
  • The ideal age to expose young people to manufacturing (3:17)
  • How employers can partner with schools to effectively promote manufacturing (5:36)
  • What Gen Z thinks is cool (6:56)
  • How to get Gen Z to view manufacturing as a cool career choice (10:06)
  • Does generational divide disrupt innovation (12:28)
  • How the young workforce can make older workforce comfortable with new technologies (14:06)

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