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Gen Z in Manufacturing: A Sustainability-First Generation Looks to Influence 3D Printing

Daniel Huang's interest in manufacturing stemmed from paint scraps created during acrylic painting.


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Welcome to another episode of Gen Z in Manufacturing, a podcast where I interview young people about their journeys in manufacturing, how they intend to influence the industry and what they are looking for from an employer.

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For this episode, I welcome Daniel Huang, an 18-year-old student in Florida. Huang is the creator of his high school’s 3D printing club that finished runner-up in SME’s 2023 Digital Manufacturing Challenge with their proposal to use 3D printing to create fully customizable pills for medical distribution.

Huang has done research at the University of Florida Materials Science Lab, worked at Georgia Tech’s Advanced Manufacturing Pilot Facility and was recently recognized by SME as a 2023 “30 Under 30” honoree.

In this episode, Huang discusses:

  • Connecting art and manufacturing (1:28)
  • How Gen Z views sustainability (3:31)
  • Ideal first job after college (6:13)
  • Will Gen Z be the first generation that knows how to fully design for additive manufacturing (6:37)
  • How manufacturing companies can contribute to STEM education (7:31)
  • Deciding between four-year degrees and trade/vocational schools and the outside influence (8:34)
  • How manufacturers can sell themselves to Gen Z (10:02)
  • How Gen Z’s thought process differs from older generations (11:03)

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