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Lamborghini Unveils First Fully Electric Concept Car

The company says the concept is more than a "whim of designers and engineers."

Lamborghini, the famous Italian sports car maker, took a huge step toward its EV ambitions when it recently unveiled its first fully electric concept vehicle.

The Lanzador features many design aspects that tie back to its legacy but it also differs from many other Lamborghinis by riding higher off the ground – likely making it a lot easier to get in and out of. According to CNN, the Lanzador will offer 1,300 horsepower but since it won’t have a gas engine behind the seats, it can provide optional seating for up to four. The extra seats can also be folded up so the rear space can be used for cargo.

Despite the Lanzador deviating from some traditional Lamborghini design elements, the company sounds like it has put lots of effort into designing an EV that will provide the same amount of performance associated with the exotic automaker.

The company said a high specific power electric motor will operate on each axle to ensure permanent all-electric drive and deliver peak power of over one megawatt. The Lanzador also features significantly more integrated sensors and actuators, which will generate data that will feed into a control algorithm. According to Lamborghini, the more refined the algorithm becomes, the better it will get at “delivering the nuances of driving sensations and feedback.”

The Lanzdor also features several active aerodynamics features that the company said can increase the range per battery charge while also improving performance.

Lamborghini doesn’t expect to enter production on its first fully electric car until 2028. But the company insisted that the Lanzador concept is not just a “whim of designers and engineers” and that it provides a “concrete view” of Lamborghini’s upcoming production EV.

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