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Security Breach: Why OT Is 'Insecure by Design'

More than just making sure it works, OT technology needs security to be at the forefront of digital transformation.

According to ABI Research, less than five percent of critical industrial infrastructure is monitored for threats. The company also reports that by 2030 industrial environments will house more than 1.2 billion connection points for machines and production systems. 

So, while it’s impossible to be in all places at all times, this growth in connectivity will place a greater strain on security resources even after prioritizing data and network assets, and focusing on the most pressing potential vulnerabilities. Throw in data from Rapid, the largest API hub in the world, showing that over 60 percent of API users are in manufacturing, and it becomes easy to understand how the industrial attack surface continues to expand and create new opportunities for the bad guys.

These are dynamics that our guest for today’s episode knows all too well.  Huxley Barbee is the Security Evangelist at runZero, a leading provider of cyber asset management solutions. 

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