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BinMaster 3D Level Scanner

To get the exclusive 3D-level scanner, email [email protected], or visit,

3D level scanner also know as a 3D solids scanner is a continuous level sensor

A worldwide exclusive available only from BinMaster

It’s a unique multi-point level sensor that

  • Measures uneven surfaces
  • Delivers volume accuracy
  • Detects cone up or down and
  • Sees sidewall buildup that can damage structure

The robust 3D Scanner sensor has a

  • Head to house electronics
  • LCD display for programming
  • Push-button menu navigation
  • 4-20 mA, HART, RS-485 Modbus wiring options and
  • 3 independent transducers to ensure volume accuracy

The 3D technology provides

  • Non-contact, continuous measurement using
  • Acoustic technology that penetrates dust
  • To measure powders or solids and
  • Works in low dielectric materials

The 3D level scanner delivers

  • A 3D visual of contents
  • Volume estimate that accounts for piling
  • Minimum, maximum and average distances
  • Multiple-vessel monitoring with MultiVision
  • Optional hazardous location approvals

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