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Skillet Maker's 7-Ton Pan; SpaceX Worker Injury; EV Breaks Record | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 90

Also on the podcast, military counterfeiter gets prison, Lafarge pleads guilty to paying terrorist group, smart buoys protect whales, Amazon workers reject union and the world's largest cultivated meat plant.

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The Today in Manufacturing Podcast is brought to you by the editors from and Industrial Equipment News (IEN). In each episode, we discuss the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week:

Lafarge Pleads Guilty, Will Pay $778M in Penalties

The French cement company, Lafarge, pleaded guilty this week to paying millions of dollars to the Islamic State group to keep a plant operational in Syria.

Military Counterfeiter Gets Prison

A clothing and goods wholesaler from Brooklyn received 40 months in prison for selling counterfeit U.S. military uniforms and gear from China.

Student-Built Electric Vehicle Breaks Acceleration Record

A group of college students from Germany just clocked the fastest zero to 60 time.

SpaceX Worker Hospitalized in Coma After Rocket Part Test

In January, a SpaceX worker suffered a head injury during a rocket part test.

Manufacturer Unveils World's Largest Cast Iron Skillet

Now, that's one big ol’ skillet. Made out of real cast iron, Lodge's new skillet weighs 14,360 pounds.

In Case You Missed It

Smart Buoys to Protect Whales from Ship Collisions

The Blue Boat Initiative has begun installing a network of smart buoys along the western coast of South America.

Amazon Workers Reject Union in Upstate New York 

Workers in upstate New York overwhelmingly rejected a union bid on Tuesday.

The World's Largest Cultivated Meat Plant

Mosa Meat is a meat cultivator. The company grows beef directly from animal cells and unveiled the first cultivated hamburger in 2013.

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