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SpaceX Worker Hospitalized in Coma After Rocket Part Test

The technician was performing checks on a Raptor V2 Engine.

A SpaceX worker suffered a head injury in January during a rocket part test.

According to OSHA, Francisco Cabada, an integration technician, was performing checks on a Raptor V2 Engine. 

Former SpaceX intern Julia CrowleyFarenga told Business Insider that a highly pressurized valve blew off a plate and struck Cabada. 

A skull fracture and head trauma hospitalized Cabada in a coma for months.

OSHA’s report said, “The final step in the check, venting, was done for the first time using an automated program as opposed to the normal manual method.” 

The report added after Cabada initiated the automated venting, the fuel controller cover broke free from the controller module. 

CrowleyFarenga said SpaceX had not released an analysis on the incident. 

SpaceX was fined more than $18,400 for “serious” and “other” violations.

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