Super Yacht Stays Stuck; Big Beef Price Fixing; Panasonic Picks Kansas | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 76

Also on the podcast, Rivian deliveries ramp up, Boeing could lose billions, heatwave limits Toyota production, Walmart orders 4,500 Canoos and BMW starts charging for heated seats.

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In each episode, we discuss the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week:

Boeing Might Lose Billions If It Cancels 737 Max 10

(2:14) There’s a chance the company’s latest jet won’t make it to production.

Rivian's Deliveries Ramp Up Four-Fold

(12:03) Rivian Automotive delivered 4,467 vehicles in the second quarter, boosted by production ramp-up and demand. 

Panasonic Picks U.S. Site for Multi-Billion EV Battery Plant

(19:31) On Wednesday, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly announced Panasonic's plans to build a new EV battery factory in De Soto, Kansas.

Sysco Accuses 4 Largest Beef Processors of Price Fixing

(29:45) The largest food distributor in the nation says the four largest meat processors colluded to inflate beef prices.

Dutch Won't Break Bridge for Bezos Super Yacht After All

(39:20) In February, we talked about a century-old bridge in the Netherlands that would need to be dismantled to get Jeff Bezos's Y721 super yacht to open water. Now, Rotterdam’s mayor is denying that the bridge will be dismantled. So, what happens now? 

In Case You Missed It

Heatwave Forces Toyota to Limit Production

(48:29) A heatwave has forced Toyota to cut production at an assembly plant in San Antonio, Texas.

Walmart to Purchase 4500 Canoo Electric Delivery Vehicles

(52:43) In May, Canoo was worried about having the resources to continue, but this might be the shot in the arm it needed.

BMW Begins Charging for Heated Seats

(55:36) BMW is now charging drivers for access to hardware already installed in the vehicle: namely, their heated seats.

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