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Heatwave Forces Toyota to Limit Production

Record highs have reached up to 113°F.

The Texas heatwave has forced Toyota to limit production at an assembly plant in San Antonio, Texas.

On Wednesday, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) took emergency measures to prevent rolling blackouts, according to Reuters. 

ERCOT has asked residents to throttle back on power usage during the extreme hot weather.

Effective immediately, Toyota will shut down production around 2:00 pm and scale back third shift power usage as well. 

The slowdown could last until mid-August.

The carmaker was already planning seven days of shutdown due to the global chip shortage. 

More than a dozen areas have seen record highs reaching up to 113°F.

Some companies, like GM, have avoided work stoppages by cutting back on power grid demands, including air conditioning.

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