The Cars That Sank on Felicity Ace; Mondelez Plant Damage; GE Engineer Convicted | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 62

Also on the podcast, Packard plant to be demolished, world's first robot burger, Mattel is "nearshoring," Walmart addresses driver shortage and an e-nose that senses fine whiskey.

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In each episode, we discuss the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week:

The World’s First Robot Burger in a Box

RoboBurger, a company based in Newark, New Jersey has unveiled the world’s first robot burger in a box. Essentially, it's a Redbox for cheeseburgers.

Judge Orders Owner to Demolish Packard Plant in Detroit

On March 31, 2022, a judge ordered the dilapidated Packard auto plant in Detroit to be demolished. He said it had become a public nuisance. 

Former GE Engineer Convicted of 'Textbook Example' of Industrial Espionage

After a four-week jury trial, a former General Electric power engineer was convicted of conspiracy to commit economic espionage. 

Ukraine Mondelez Plant Sustains 'Significant' Damage

An Oreo plant in eastern Ukraine sustained “significant damages” as a result of Russia's invasion. 

Log Book Reveals All the Cars That Sank on Felicity Ace

Top Gear recently found itself in possession of the manifest log from the Felicity Ace, the large cargo vessel that sank 13 days after a fire broke out on board. 

In Case You Missed It

Mattel Advances 'Nearshoring' in Mexican Mega-Factory

Mattel is nearshoring its operations to its plant in Monterrey, Mexico. The plant has a 200,000-square meter footprint and employs nearly 3,500 workers.

Walmart Offers Supply Chain Workers a Chance to Drive Trucks

Walmart workers who once unloaded trucks now have a chance to drive them.

E-Nose Can Sense Fine Whiskey

Researchers have developed an electronic nose (e-nose) that can distinguish between different brands, origins, and styles by “sniffing” the liquor.

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