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Companies Are Using AI to Monitor Worker Performance

It will initially be used to correct mistakes fast food workers make while preparing orders.

A computer vision startup claims it has the solution to improving fast-food worker performance. The startup, Agot AI, comes from Pittsburgh and its plan involves the installation of cameras in fast food kitchens.

The monitoring can be used to correct mistakes in preparing orders. CEO Evan DeSantola gave the example of an employee who forgets an ingredient. The technology would notice the error and notify the worker before the order is given to a customer. 

DeSantola believes the technology serves a greater purpose beyond calling out mistakes. For example, the extra monitoring could reward employees for a mistake-free day and determine if a worker is experiencing burnout or requires additional training. 

As the worker shortage persists, nearly 80% of restaurant operators do not possess enough employees to handle business, according to Business Insider.

Restaurants continue to struggle to fill positions and are turning to technology for assistance. A restaurant chain in Florida tried to alleviate its short-staffed situation with a robot that carries food from the kitchen to tables. 

The restaurant business isn’t the only one using surveillance technology to monitor workers’ performance. A report in June said Amazon used an algorithm to keep track of its Flex delivery drivers. In some cases, the algorithm led to the termination of employees.  

Venturing past the service industry, the technology could eventually be implemented in manufacturing which could help reduce scrap and improve performance on factory floors.

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