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Honda Baiku Is a Futuristic Electric Unicycle

It is an EV. It's also autonomous. The flat seat retracts.

The Honda Baiku is a new electric vehicle concept from Nacho Alfonso, a designer based in Valencia, Spain.

The futuristic motorized unicycle was inspired by the emergence of small electric vehicles around the globe.

The concept features an electric motor built into the wheel hub, and gyroscope sensors and accelerometers for self-balancing, according to designboom. 

The flat seat retracts into the frame to minimize the vehicle's footprint when not in use. 

Alfonso’s work isn’t restricted to the road; the designer recently unveiled the Volvo Air 360 flying car concept.

The autonomous, electric drone was submitted for Volvo’s 2021 design competition. 

The concept’s clear pod rotates so up to four passengers can ride side-by-side or stacked. 

While the Volvo Air 360 didn't place in the competition, Alfonso’s work is an inspiring glimpse into future mobility.

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