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Mazda to Electrify the Miata

The tiny roadster is making a change.

The Mazda Miata has been a recognizable fixture on American roadways since the late 1980s.

Traditionally, the tiny roadster has been a gas-powered, rear wheel drive sports car but new reports suggest that Mazda is making a change.

Motor1 has published a statement from Mazda suggesting that the next generation of the Miata will be electrified.

Mazda plans for its full portfolio to be at least partially electric by 2030, and some Miata enthusiasts were relieved that this fan-favorite would be included in the lineup.

While the company has not said whether it will be a hybrid or full-electric, it has confirmed that all models of the Miata will “feature a form of electrification by 2030.”

An article in Motor Trend expresses doubt that current battery technology for full EVs is capable of providing the necessary performance while fitting in the Miata’s tiny footprint.

This led Motor Trend to declare a hybrid Miata to be “much more likely.”

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