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'Smelly Nuisance' Chicken Plant Blocked

The court has blocked construction of a new Pilgrim’s Pride plant.

If you’re looking for someone to blame for the price of chicken wings, experts say it’s the fault of the pandemic -- at least partially, anyway -- as American appetite for chicken has remained strong during COVID restrictions and in response to fast food chicken sandwich wars.

And while chicken producers are working overtime to try to address the demand, one proposed plant is being sidelined over concerns from the surrounding community.

An Alabama county court has blocked the construction of a Pilgrim’s Pride plant in the city of Gadsden that has reportedly been subject to “vocal community opposition.” The judge issued the injunction to stop construction due to concerns it will be “a smelly, dangerous nuisance,” according to the AP.

At issue is the location, which is near homes, schools and a church, as well as the region’s airport. 120 truckloads of chicken parts would arrive at the plant daily, and the Judge acknowledged local concerns over the smell, traffic and potential to impact the operations of the airport. He said that while he understood the need to bring jobs to the area, it was critical to balance that need against the rights of the citizens in the community.

A trial has been scheduled for later this summer, at which point legal authorities will seek to resolve the matter in a more permanent manner. This could mean the injunction is sustained, or that the plant may be allowed to proceed with construction.

Despite the uncertainty, don’t worry, chicken fans: the proposed processing plant is intended to render dead chickens and chicken parts into animal feed so… no chicken wings will be lost due to the decision.

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