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Slim Jim Creator Dies of COVID-19

He didn't like to tout his achievements or even keep any of them around the house.

The food scientist responsible for today’s gas station staple - the Slim Jim - has died at age 95 from COVID-19 complications.

Slim Jim jerky was invented in 1928, but the formula used today is what makes it identifiable.

Conagra Foods has confirmed that Alonzo “Lon” Adams developed the more current recipe for the popular snack.

Adams earned a Masters degree in microbiology after serving in World War II.

He worked for Goodmark Foods as its Director of Meat Technology and began working on the Slim Jim recipe in 1968.

Goodmark was later purchased by food giant Conagra in 1999.

His grandson Andrew Adams said his grandfather didn’t like to tout his achievements, nor did he keep a stash of Slim Jims around the house.

According to Statista, Slim Jim captured 21 percent of market share for convenience store meat snacks last year, second only to Jack Link’s.

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