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Smart Home Maker Announces Huge Expansion

It's the company’s first East Coast Megafactory.

Palo Alto, Calif.-based S2A Modular recently announced plans for a 13-building, 240,000-square-foot expansion west of Jacksonville, Fla.

The location, which is expected to have a more than $140 million impact on the area, is the company’s first East Coast "Megafactory."

The company describes their products as the first electrically self-sustaining, custom and smart-connected luxury residences and commercial buildings.

The deal was made possible with help from the Baker County Economic Development Council and the Baker County Chamber of Commerce.

The location was chosen for its proximity to several major highways, a skilled workforce, an international airport, major rail lines, and a growing population.  

When fully operational, the facility will produce 5,000 units annually. 

These residential and commercial buildings reportedly utilize a number of technologies that enable a combination of “surplus energy income” and “connected living.”

It’s the company’s third Megafactory, and part of a plan to build a total of 35 such facilities across the nation by 2025.

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