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Monolec Multiplex Lubricant

A Grease for All Seasons – Monolec Multiplex Lubricant is a long-lasting extreme pressure grease that ensures dependable protection and extended lubrication intervals for a wide variety of industrial, fleet, farm and marine equipment in a broad operating temperature range. It can be used in plain and anti-friction bearings, chassis, and other critical grease points in applications such as conveyors, electric motors, fans, winches, cranes, loaders, dump trucks, and forklifts. 

The versatility of this NLGI grade 2 grease from Lubrication Engineers makes it possible to consolidate the number of greases used and stored onsite, which is especially helpful aboard a marine vessel.

Formulated with a lithium complex thickener, this grease has a very high dropping point, performs well in high temperatures, and demonstrates excellent pumpability in low temperatures. It also protects against corrosion, rust, and oxidation.

The backbone to Monolec Multiplex Lubricant is its additive technology. It contains Monolec, LE’s proprietary wear-reducing additive that creates a single molecular lubricating film on metal surfaces, vastly increasing oil film strength without affecting clearances. An invaluable component in Monolec Multiplex Lubricant as well as many other LE oils and greases, Monolec allows opposing surfaces to slide by one another, greatly reducing friction, heat and wear. 

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