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BinMaster Whiteboard: How to Measure Solids in Silos, How to Stop Overfilling Silos, How to Automate Silo Inventory


This is Bob.

Bob just got chewed out by his boss because one of their silos overfilled.

Bob’s team was mad because they had to clean up Bob’s mess.

Bob was in big trouble.

He needed to know when to stop filling silos.

And no one wanted to climb them to check if they were almost full.

After searching the internet, Bob found just what he needed …

Level sensors.

Level sensors were installed on every silo.

And software updates inventory data automatically.

Now, Bob and his team get alerts before silos overfill.

Bob is a hero.

He saved the company time and money.

And his team loves him.

Plus, Bob’s boss gave him a big raise!

To raise your inventory management to a new level, contact BinMaster.

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