Cloud Computing/Network Marketing Opportunities

Industrial Media offers the largest reach into the North American manufacturing sector, reaching both process and discrete manufacturing. Our engaged users include C-Level, Plant Management, IT, Procurement, Sales/Marketing and finance titles. Some upcoming custom lead-gen programs focused on cloud-based networking and computing include:

  • Keeping the Cloud Safe and Secure

One of the inherent benefits of cloud computing is the safety and security of storing data in a remote server. However, even as technology for preserving this data has progressed, the number of accidental employee data manipulations and external hacking attempts continue to grow. We’ll examine some best practices for securing your cloud-based data.

  • Using the Cloud to Enhance Remote Monitoring Capabilities

One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is the ability to share information more easily. For the industrial sector, this translates to a growing amount of operational, maintenance and safety data that helps save time and preserve profits. We’ll examine ways to use the cloud for accessing critical performance information that enhances remote monitoring capabilities.

  • More Than Just Storage

A closer look at some of the more advanced features of cloud-based networks that can help the industrial sector leverage benefits like expanded access, process simplification and greater customization.

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