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Recalled Chainsaws Can Accidentally Re-start

This sounds like the plot of a horror film.

If you were in a position to write your own script for a horror film that takes place, say, in your own garage, I have a few ideas for you. Here’s mine – your kid spills an entire juice on the floor and before you realize what’s happened, hundreds of ants invade! Oh wait, that’s my real life.

Hardware retailer Harbor Freight might have a better plot that’s, unfortunately, also real life – the company is recalling one million chainsaws after reports that the machines can re-start even when they’re in the “off” position.


That’s right, last week the company announced that it was recalling chainsaws manufactured in China and sold in its stores in the U.S. The Consumer Products Safety Commission says Harbor Freight received 15 complaints where a chainsaw user’s switch malfunctioned and their 14-inch chainsaws restarted unexpectedly.

All in all, there were three injuries, with one of the lacerations being serious enough to require “multiple stitches” – which, honestly, I’d take over the kind of scenarios I first envisioned when hearing about this.

There are two models of the electric chainsaw being recalled and they are labeled with three different brand names -- "The Portland," "One Stop Gardens" and "Chicago Electric." It’s important to check if you think you might have one of these serial stabbers lurking in your tool shed, because Harbor Freight actually began selling these as far back as 2009.

If you have one, you are being urged to bring it back to the store for a replacement. That is, unless you’re now scarred by the thought of ever using a chainsaw again, in which case, maybe ask for store credit?

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