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Woman Fired for Lacing Brownies with Laxatives

A 47-year-old employee laced brownies with laxatives, and then it really hit the fan.

MMI Engineered Solutions is a full service tool manufacturing and engineering company with offices in Monterrey, Mexico, Troy, MI, and its headquarters in Saline, MI.

On May 3, 2018, the company was preparing for a worker's going away party, when they received an unusual tip from another employee. It turns out that an unnamed 47-year-old female employee had laced her brownies with laxatives, and then it really hit the fan.

The prank escalated quickly. According to an article on, the company jumped in and confiscated the brownies before anyone dipped their mitts into the suspect dessert, and then they called the police.

At first she denied it, but she quickly copped to the caper when the police threatened to forensically test the brownies for tampering. The explosive revelation came after she finally succumbed to the interrogative pressure, and admitted to adding a cube of laxatives as a secretive ingredient in the recipe. According to interviews with co-workers, the woman and the employee leaving the company had a history, although they didn't detail what exactly caused the malicious intent.

No charges were filed because nobody ate the brownies, but the woman was fired by MMI. Local authorities stressed that seemingly harmless pranks like this are actually criminal acts, because you never know how the ignorant partygoers will react to the foreign goods.

Luckily for the 47-year-old former employee, the company intervened before things shook out, and her name was not released to the public. Hopefully she can catch on at another company and participate in potlucks without scrutiny. You know, as long as everybody is getting along.

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