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Today Could be Britain's First Day Without Coal

Britain wants to completely phase out coal by 2025.

LONDON (AP) — Britain's National Grid says Friday may be the first full 24-hour work-day since the Industrial Revolution in which the nation doesn't depend on electricity generated from coal.

As alternative energy production grows, Britain has several times since last spring managed to fully supply its power grid without relying on coal. But the longest period has been 19 hours, and grid officials seem confident that a full day will be achieved.

If Britain goes coal-less Friday, it will be the first time since the world's first centralized public coal-fired generator opened at London's Holborn Viaduct in 1882.

Britain wants to phase out coal by 2025.

David Elmes of Warwick Business School says a coal-less work-day is a "milestone in a transition to fuels that will be more flexible and sustainable."

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