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Musk Peddles 'Burnt Hair' Perfume, Raises $1 Million

Another unconventional idea from the world's richest man.

When Elon Musk has an unconventional idea, there are few barriers to prevent him from moving forward.

Such is the case with his latest product innovation – a perfume with a scent that no one other than Musk could likely peddle.

According to the billionaire CEO, the Boring Company has sold 10,000 bottles of a perfume called “Burnt Hair.”

The fragrance is listed for $100 a bottle, and Musk said he’d sold a million dollars-worth in just a few hours.

In September he’d Tweeted the idea, calling the joke “a slow burn.”

Despite seeming to be a gag, the product was created and is set to begin shipping in early 2023.

In the past, Boring has developed off-brand products, including a flamethrower it sold for $500.

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