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Flying Hoverbike Crashes During Demonstration

The pilot plummeted about 100 feet, but was somehow uninjured.

When the Scorpion Hoverbike debuted in 2017, the motorcycle-inspired aircraft from Russian company Hoversurf turned heads.  

While the prospect of a flying motorcycle elicits a significant cool factor, it can't be denied how dangerous a flying hovercraft with exposed wooden props could be.  

A video, first reported by New Atlas, shows the Scorpion losing control and crashing during a demonstration flight in Dubai.

According to New Atlas, the Dubai police department signed a deal to testing and demonstrate the Scorpion Hoverbike in what appeared to be nothing more than a publicity stunt. 

According to the Hoversurf, the pilot plummeted about 100 feet, but was uninjured since the safety systems worked as expected.

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