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How An Engineer Turned His Car Into a Motorcycle to Save His Life

He was stranded in the desert.

In 1993, French engineer Emile Leray was driving through the Moroccan desert when his Citroen 2CV struck a rock, totaled the front axle and ruined the chassis. He was about 20 miles from the closest town, and he had enough food and water to last about 10 days. So, he did what any engineer in the situation would do, he fashioned his wrecked car into a motorcycle. 

According to The Big Story, he first removed the car's body to create a shelter and then he spent the next 12 days cobbling together transportation that would either save him or lead to his untimely demise.

Using a hacksaw, a few screwdrivers, a hammer, pliers and some wrenches, he shortened the car's frame and fixed the axles. He put the engine on the front of the frame, made a seat and attached the ignition to the makeshift handlebar. He even put a suspension on the back tire. 

It worked, he drove himself out of the desert and he found the local authorities. But instead of a hero's welcome, he was fined for using a vehicle with a registration that didn't match. 

Still, he rode the bike back home to France and, what is perhaps even crazier, the bike still works today. 

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