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The Testing Series: Tumble Barrel Test

The plug tumbles 500 times, which works out to 1,000 drops.

In this test, we tumble. 

This is the Tumble Barrel Test at Interpower’s headquarters in Ames, Iowa. 

For this test, they take the plug and about 4 inches of wire and toss it in the barrel. 

It tumbles 500 times, which works out to 1,000 drops. 

All to make sure that if plugs are dropped, the pins won’t bend and can still be plugged in. 

Interpower has been tumbling in-house since 2015. 

Testing to IEC 60884 and making sure that pin integrity can’t be compromised. 

The company doesn’t just want to meet the minimum requirement. 

Interpower takes it above and beyond to make sure it's manufacturing a safe product. 

The Testing Series covers how one American manufacturer is making sure that we stay safe and our products remain powered. It features the Top 6 tests every cord should go through before it finds a mate. 

The series includes exclusive footage from Interpower’s state-of-the-art facilities in Iowa, as the tests were being performed.

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