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The Testing Series: Tensile & Elongation Test

This test stretches every wire to the point of failure.

In this test, we stretch. 

This it the tensile strength and elongation test. 

At Interpower’s manufacturing facility in Lamoni, Iowa, they test every wire to the point of failure.

A load cell measures force and how far the wire elongates. 

According to spec, the tensile strength has to be 1,500 PSI. Interpower hits 2,400 PSI. 

Elongation has to be >100%. Interpower hits 210 percent.

Next, the experts age the wires and see how they perform. To age them, they bake them -- up to 150°C for 7 days simulates 5 years of age. 

The wires are tested again. 

To pass, tensile strength has to hit 85% of the previous mark. 

Elongation has to hit 65%.

All to make sure that the products remain safe and reliable, even after 5 years of abuse.

The Testing Series covers how one American manufacturer is making sure that we stay safe and our products remain powered. It features the Top 6 tests every cord should go through before it finds a mate. 

The series includes exclusive footage from Interpower’s state-of-the-art facilities in Iowa, as the tests were being performed.

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