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Boston Dynamics Starts Selling Robot Dog

Leasing Spot will cost you as much as a new car.

Interested companies can lease the life-like quadruped — at a pretty steep cost. 

Boston Dynamics is most famously known for videos of its eerily life-life robots doing eerily life-like tasks, from opening a door to performing somersaults. 

But the company says it’s finally moving from prototypes to production, and this week invited people besides its employees to take its robots for a spin. 

Boston Dynamics officials said some robots are already in the hands of participants in an early adopter program, and this week, the company began soliciting applications for those interested in leasing its dog-like quadruped robot, known as “Spot.” 

Leasing a Spot will reportedly cost you about as much as a new car, but the company’s engineers insisted it could pay off for public safety agencies, oil and gas extraction and, perhaps most promisingly, construction companies. 

Spot could carry up to 30 pounds of tools or building materials around construction sites, either accompanying workers or hauling gear to places that humans otherwise would have trouble getting to.  

One robotics expert told the BBC that if the robots pass this initial test, their price could drop considerably. 

Just how many Spots will see the job site is yet to be seen, but company officials told TechCrunch there’s been no shortage of casual interest — including from those who’d simply like a little help getting their next cold beverage from the fridge.

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