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New Baseball Helps Hitters See the Light

Training tool designed to teach aspiring athletes to keep their eye on the ball.

The Eye on Ball from Vector is a new product designed to provide a simple and fun way to train ballplayers to keep their eye on the ball.

It is a unique training ball allows players to literally see the impact when they hit the ball. The Vector is like a regular baseball with one key difference: On contact, the ball emits a short burst of light, randomly changing the color of the ball (red, green, blue), to create a distinctly visible impact.

The visible impact gives ballplayers a tangible focal point that trains the eyes to follow the ball and see the bat hit the ball. 

The ball changes color for a split second upon impact and then locks-out for three seconds to provide one unique visual for each impact.

The Vector vision training ball is a new way to teach ballplayers to keep their eye on the ball, and is ideal for improving visual concentration in practically any drill.

It can be incorporated into batting practice, pitching/throwing drills, blocking drills for catchers, hand-eye coordination drills, etc.

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