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MAKEiT's Bigfoot 3D Printer Has Large Footprint

The company was making highly precise desktop 3D printers when it switched its sights to something bigger.

Russell Singer is the director of design and development at MAKEiT, a company that manufactures high-precision desktop 3D printers.

On this edition of IEN Newsdesk, Singer discusses Project Bigfoot, the company's effort to create a more precise large format 3D printer — instead of a 3D printer with an 8-inch build platform, Bigfoot's is 2'x4' off the shelf (and larger in custom models).  

Bigfoot was developed with a precision engineering focus because the company wanted to create a large format printer that was precise, reliable, and serviceable. The company felt that the industry demanded a more professional level desktop 3D printer, but it turns out that such an effort is no small feat.

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