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Check Out the NBA’s Fancy New Shot Clock

Fans will reap some big benefits with the new design.

Swiss watchmaker Tissot is hoping for a slam dunk with its new NBA shot clock.

The league has announced that Tissot will deliver three shot-clock systems to each NBA arena by September, meaning all arenas will have uniform displays, as opposed to the current hodge podge of systems, each with their own data standards.

The watch company, according to, commissioned the manufacturing of 30 tons of equipment for the project and sourced 500,000 LED bulbs after trying out more than 30 prototypes – even, at one point, experimenting with cutting edge OLED technology.

Fans will reap some big benefits with the new design. Not only is the new shot clock more transparent, but when they’re off, they’re totally see-through, meaning those behind the hoop no longer contend with that obstructed view. And when they’re on, you can still see through them.

League officials say that a clearer display of numbers, combined with an integrated system that automatically sends data to scoreboards and video equipment, should result in more precise calls from the refs.

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