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Lockheed Invests in Nanosatellite Maker

Lockheed has partnered with the company in the past on DoD and NASA missions.

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Lockheed Martin Ventures is making a strategic investment in Terran Orbital, an expert in nanosatellite design, development, manufacturing, testing and launch. 

The investment will create opportunities for the companies to share their expertise and customer relationships to advance this emerging technology.

The agreement includes cash and in-kind investments for an equity stake in Terran. Lockheed Martin has partnered with Terran in the past on Department of Defense and NASA missions. This investment will allow for an expansion of that relationship.

While Lockheed Martin has provided funding to venture stage companies since 2007, it refocused in 2016 to longer term, strategic investments in technology innovations that could drive growth in existing, adjacent and new markets for Lockheed Martin. 

The fund invests primarily in early-stage companies, and its technology priorities include autonomous systems and robotics, cyber security, artificial intelligence, advanced electronics and sensor technologies.

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