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Precision Ultrasonic Flow & Level Measurement

Greyline provides accurate and easy-to-use ultrasonic flow and level measurement instrumentation for many applications.

Greyline is a leader in precision ultrasonic flow and level measurement.

The company provides accurate and easy-to-use instrumentation for a variety of applications, including:

  • Clamp-on flow measurement for full pipes.
  • Flow measurement for partially filled pipes, culverts, drains, and open channels.
  • Level measurement and control.

Greyline’s full pipe flow measurement technologies utilize ultrasonic sound waves to measure flow velocity, meaning that they can be installed from the outside of the pipe. These meters are easy to install, won’t require a system shutdown or hot-tap, and are perfect for retrofits.

Transit-time technology calculates fluid velocity by measuring the time required for an ultrasonic sound wave to travel between transducers. The amount of time will change as the flow velocity changes. Use the transit-time flow meter for clean liquids like treated water, ground water, irrigation water, chemicals, de-ionized or reverse-osmosis water, and any other relatively clean liquid.

Doppler technology calculates velocity by measuring the change in frequency as ultrasonic sound waves are reflected off entrapped air or solids in the pipe. Use Doppler flow meters for dirty, aerated, or other difficult to measure mediums like wastewater, slurries, grit, sludge, viscous liquids and abrasives.

Portable transit-time and Doppler technology solutions are also available. These battery-powered flow meters can be used to take multiple measurements quickly and efficiently, or instead be deployed to log data for days or weeks at a time.

Greyline’s partially filled pipe and open channel technologies utilize ultrasonic sound waves to measure both level and velocity. Flow rate is calculated by this area-velocity meter once the channel shape and size are programmed. Use the single submersible sensor to measure flow in applications like wastewater influent and effluent, sewers, storm water, and irrigation.

Portable, battery-powered area-velocity flow meters are available for taking multiple measurements quickly in the field, or to be deployed as data loggers for environmental or I & I studies.

Greyline’s ultrasonic level technology can be used to measure open channel flow when a primary element such as a flume or weir is in place. The level sensing open channel flow meter is easily programmed with the primary element type and size to provide a flow rate. Non-contacting level measurement means no fouling and no maintenance.

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