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Fiat Chrysler Cuts 1,400 Jobs at IL Jeep Plant

The company says the move is unrelated to the announcement it would be adding thousands of Detroit-area jobs.

Fiat Chrysler Jeep Lot Ap
AP file

Fiat Chrysler says it's cutting about 1,400 jobs at a plant in Belvidere, Illinois, that makes Jeep Cherokees — a move the automaker says is unrelated to a major investment in the Detroit area that could add 6,500 workers.

The automaker made the announcement about Belvidere on Tuesday, shortly after announcing the $4.5 billion Michigan investment that includes a new Detroit assembly plant. Company spokeswoman Jodi Tinson says they are "two separate, distinct actions."

Tinson says the northern Illinois plant is the global manufacturing hub for Cherokees and "it's feeling the softening demand of Cherokee in the global marketplace."

The plant will continue with the remaining 3,760 workers. The company says in a statement it will work to place laid off workers in open, full-time positions as they become available.

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