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Power Plant to Close in Mississippi Delta

The 50-year-old plant is no longer economically viable.

Greenwood Utilities

GREENWOOD, Miss. (AP) — One of Mississippi's city-owned electric utilities will close its power plant in May. 

Greenwood Utilities says the Henderson Station plant, more than 50 years old, is no longer economically viable. 

CEO Tony Sinclair tells the Greenwood Commonwealth that demand for the station's electricity fell after Mississippi utilities joined a multi-state grid manager. Other power plants that sell power through that group, the Midcontinent Independent System Operator, offer cheaper electricity. The plant currently produces only 3 percent of the electricity that Greenwood buys from the Municipal Energy Agency of Mississippi, a group of city-owned utilities. 

Sinclair says revenue from Henderson Station no longer covers costs. He also says maintenance is difficult because many machines are so old that they require custom-made parts. 

It's unclear if any employees will lose jobs.

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