Quick Connect Power Bus for Conveyors

Electrotech 5890f4504aa46

The Woertz Flexible – Quick connect Power Bus is well suited for feeding power along a conveyor line. Available from Electrotech (Colmar, PA) the IP68 rated power bus system can be used in wash down areas without any special enclosures. The flat cable seen here has 5 conductors (3L + N + PE) and can be used in 1-phase, 3-Phase applications or as a Dual DC bus (12VDC and 24VDC) to energize sensors. Other benefits include:

  • A cable rated for 20 Amps / 600V.
  • Feed-in and junction boxes are quickly connected anywhere along the length of the cable without cutting the cable.
  • Connection boxes that are keyed and energized with insulation displacement screws.   

This Power Bus System will reduce the amount of wire used and can power multiple devices along the conveyor line - motor control junction boxes, sensors, lights, etc. The equipment can be bought individually or as a “KIT” with defined cable lengths and pre-wired feed-in and junction boxes.

www.esgllc-usa.com; 215-997-8855

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