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Battery-Powered Level Sensor Uses Single Point Laser

Level sensors eliminate climbing silos, making the workplace safer and saving time.

The Battery-Powered Level Sensor from BinMaster uses a single point laser to measure dry bulk materials stored in silos without the complexity or expense of wiring.

The wireless level sensor is easy to mount on a silo roof, easy to power using replaceable batteries, and utilizes a wireless long-range transceiver to transmit measurement data up to one-mile line-of-site. 

Level sensors eliminate climbing silos, making the workplace safer and saving time. 

The SPL-200 model measures distances up to 98 feet and is used in low dust pellets and granules. 

The FVL-200 is specifically for measuring livestock feed in silos up to 35 feet tall. 

When used for inventory monitoring, these level sensors take interval readings once an hour with a battery life of three to five years. 

Additional features include:  

  • The sensor installs through a one-and-a-half inch NPT connection.
  • A swiveling mounting plate allows the sensor to be pointed at the optimal measuring location.
  • Once installed, the sensor is turned on and connected to BinView or FeedView cloud-based software.
  • Inventory is accessed via the internet from a phone, tablet, or PC.
  • A detailed view shows the percentage silos are filled and estimates the volume of material inside each vessel.
  • Alarms are set to alert to low and high levels via a text or email.
  • Multiple silos can be viewed on a single screen for a quick overview and reports can be easily generated.

Battery-powered sensors can save operations money on wiring and installation costs. When used with inventory management software, they save time and prevent material shortages. 

For more information, visit or call 800-278-4241.

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